Winner of several festival awards including the prestigious Silver Remi at Worldfest Houston, Vito Brancato’s film Driving John Lennon   lets viewers eavesdrop on a dramatic and revealing conversation between rock and roll’s two biggest icons.

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Brancato’s career in television has its unusual roots in the colorful world of professional wrestling. Vito cut his filmmaker teeth on Sportschannel’s (Fox Sports) Chicago Championship Wrestling as the editor, writer, director, producer and the villainous star performer Tony “The Razor” DiVito.

Brancato as his ring alter-ego The Razor – click image to view video clip

After a five year run, Vito parlayed his colorful ring persona into the half hour comedy TV program “The Razor Show” – leading to a string of independent films including a dramatic short for PBS, BLACKSTONE – The Chicago Plot to Kill JFK.

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Originally broadcast nationally on the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, BLACKSTONE is a political thriller and an unlikely love story woven within the biggest conspiracy in U.S. history.                                     And now the prequel to Blackstone…

Princes & Thieves: a dramatic series (10 one hour episodes – season one) that explores the interconnected lives of JFK, Frank Sinatra, Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and Marilyn Monroe –  before, during and after the historic 1960 presidential election.

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Based on true-life characters and actual events, the low-budget 1998 feature THE DEAL  – written and directed by Brancato – was shot completely on location in Chicago and premiered at NYC’s IFP.

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