CAFE GANGSTER – A very dark comedy from writer-director Vito Brancato

A crew of local gangsters use a coffee shop in Chicago’s Little Italy as a front for their criminal activities. Meanwhile, a bungling, sex addicted FBI agent stumbles upon their plan to smuggle Sicilian heroin in bags of espresso beans.


Episode 10 “Bada BANG!” Part II – Mayra organizes a wild party to knock Frankie off the wagon and bring him back into the fold. The twins encounter an amazon beauty who may not be what she appears. Pauli follows through with his explosive plan to whack Tony and take over the crew.


Episode 9 “Bada BANG!” Part I – Pauli brings his bikers to a “sitdown” in an attempt to intimidate Tony. Danny Brasso secretly records the entire meeting and presents it to Agent Blocker as enough evidence to take down the crew. Pauli inlists Brasso’s aid to whack Tony and take over as boss.


Episode 8 “Special Delivery for Jimmy Woo” Part II – Mayra has “fondu” with Agent Dirk Blocker and his kinky wife. Pauli carries out his massive attack on the Chinese with the aid of loyal soldiers, nephews Paul and Pauli. Tony uses the information gathered by Mayra to blackmail Dirk Blocker while his New York City heroin importer is finally revealed.


Episode 7 “Special Delivery for Jimmy Woo” Part I – Carmine is out to murder Tony out of revenge. Frankie decides to leave the priesthood and devote himself to his new family. Pauli wrestles with the idea that Danny may be an informant while he plans to settle things for good with the Chinese.


Episode 6 “World’s Greatest Dad” – Frankie embraces fatherhood, oblivious to the fact that baby Jesse can’t possibly be his child. Agent Dirk Blocker targets Mayra in his own undercover investigation. Kenny moves to whack Carmine who is now driving a taxi under a new identity.


Episode 5 “Die Bitch!” – Carmine’s psychiatric treatment worries the crew and Tony convinces Kenny to murder him. Chanel’s baby shower takes a shocking turn when she gives birth to an African-American baby on the coffee counter. Special FBI Agent Danny Brasso goes undercover to gain Pauli’s confidence while a Chinese hit crew plans his execution.


Episode 4 “Chinese Ninjas” – The Chinese mafia makes a bold move into the Catholic Bingo racket and forces Pauli to retaliate. Mayra plans a baby shower for the very pregnant Chanel and realizes she’s now in love with her. As Carmine’s psychosis worsens, Dr. Milph recommends institutionalization.


Episode 3 “The Confession” – Chanel makes a shocking confession to her priest, she’s pregnant. But Father Frankie’snot quite ready for that kind of “Fatherhood” and seeks Pauli’s aid in having her “whacked”. Mayra sees an opportunity and makes a romantic move on the despondent Frankie. The FBI begins their investigation on the Coffee Shop Crew by planting a listening device in the espresso machine.


Episode 2 “Kenny’s Revenge” – Father Frankie introduces his latest girlfriend, Chanel. Carmine hears voices coming from his iPhone even when it’s turned off. The mysterious homeless man who found Karl’s severed head visits the coffee shop. Kenny seeks revenge on those he holds responsible for his brother Karl’s disappearance.


Episode 1 “Five Dollars and a Snickers Bar” – Karl’s hot streak during the weekly poker game comes to a violent end when Father Frankie takes out his frustration with a .38. Tension builds when Mick the Cop unexpectedly stops in for a cup of coffee and into the murder scene. Luckily Carmine has a “system” for dismembering a corpse, but during the car ride to the burial spot, a heated argument leads to sloppy disposal of the body parts.


A Cafe Gangster Christmas – Hosted by Michael Dulek and Mayra Mayra