August 27, 1965…
It was the height of Beatlemania – The Fab Four had just played to 55,000 screaming fans at Shea Stadium and came to Los Angeles to play 3 sold-out shows at The Hollywood Bowl. Elvis Presley was now one of Hollywood’s biggest actors and currently living life as a movie star.
When word leaks of a secret meeting at Presley’s Bel-Air mansion later that night, a group of teenage girls make a plan to crash the party.
Based on a true event, Our Night with Elvis is a rock ‘n roll fantasy about the greatest night in music history.

Brancato ambitiously envisions his screenplay OUR NIGHT WITH ELVIS as the “greatest rock and roll movie of all-time!”. Imagine a sequel to Hard Day’s Night where The Beatles go to America and meet Elvis. But it’s much more than just a pop music tale, it’s a nostalgic, upbeat and feel good story that takes us back to the final moments of innocence in America…when life seemed simple and we still had hope for the future.