Cast of Characters

The Candidate (JFK) – The charismatic, playboy son of one of America’s most powerful and ruthless businessmen, Jack Kennedy was born into American royalty and slotted for greatness. He almost reluctantly let himself be guided to the White House, though he was drawn more to the glitz, glamour and carefree decadence of Hollywood.

The Singer (Frank Sinatra) – He rose from the dirty, gangster streets of Hoboken to become Hollywood’s most powerful and influential performer. Despite his success, his ethnicity left him feeling shut out by the “Lily White” west coast elite and he desperately looked to connect with the American hierarchy to finally establish his legitimacy.

 The Gangster (Sam Giancana) – The son of poor Sicilian immigrants, natural progression led him directly into the deadly world of the Chicago Outfit (mob). From his start as a murdering street thug, he quickly developed into a brilliant businessman/entrepreneur, spreading the reach of the Chicago Mafia’s gambling investments world-wide. He too was attracted to Hollywood (and one performer in particular) despite warnings from his powerful gangster colleagues who preferred to remain hidden from public view.

The Sex Symbol (Marilyn Monroe) – The iconic blonde bombshell’s intelligence and understanding of politics ran deeper than anyone imagined. She used her beauty and raw sex appeal to attract America’s Irish prince, but her steamy secret affair with JFK threatened to destroy his administration.

The Patriarch (Joseph Kennedy) – He was one of America’s most powerful and well connected businessmen who unapologetically clawed his way to the top by whatever means necessary. His driving ambition was to have his son elected president no matter the cost – financially or personally.

The G-Man (J. Edgar Hoover) – He was the nation’s first FBI Director, outlasting seven U.S. Presidents and was arguably the most dangerous man in Washington. With secret and often compromising files on anyone who could possibly challenge his power, he wielded his information like a deadly weapon to control the nation’s most powerful men.


Joe Kennedy’s plan to capture the White House takes a fateful turn when he uses the friendship between his son Jack and Frank Sinatra as a means to elicit a favor from Chicago Mafia boss Sam Giancana. The Chicago mob controls the West Virginia Coal Miner’s Union and their vote in that state’s primary in favor of JFK would seal the Democratic nomination – for which Joe offers future protection from government prosecution.

Sinatra and his Rat Pack (Dean Martin and Sammy Davis) campaign tirelessly for Frank’s pal Jack – who wins the nomination and ultimately the White House by the slimmest of margins over Richard Nixon – due in no small part to the vote rigging of the Cook County Democratic machine and the Chicago mob’s manipulation of America’s labor union vote.

But favors turn into betrayal when newly appointed Attorney General (brother Bobby) declares war on organized crime with massive indictments and deportations nationwide. Meanwhile, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover has all the key players under surveillance – including the President and his mistress, Marilyn Monroe as he compiles a thick file of damaging evidence to blackmail the new administration.

The story climaxes with the mysterious death of Marilyn in Los Angeles after her repeated calls to the White House and threat to go public with her presidential affair…then an elaborate plan is initiated by Mafia bosses Carlos Marcello, Santo Trafficante and Giancana to assassinate President Kennedy at a Democratic fundraiser at Chicago’s Blackstone hotel using an unsuspecting Cuban assassin – one year before Dallas.


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